Happy Veteran's day ProCrafti-Stampers

This is an enjoyable day for my husband and I. We both served over 5 years in the military (US NAVY) 😍 and we go to a restaurant of choice from the pickings of "freebies" and enjoy one another's time together.

Thank you to all who serve, have served, and those doing programs currently to join (one of our beautiful daughters in Air Force ROTC officer candidate @ Kent State).

Thank you to those who have passed away, and the families of all men/women in uniform.

Without you, we could not stand here today to claim who we are as veterans. We love you!

Our country surely needs the help- with everything currently going on- we need the uniform. Both military, police, EMT, fire dept and those we do not see or recognize enough, government agencies. God bless you all - God bless the USA.

Special Thanks goes out to my Father-n-Law RL Carter (POW Vietnam Army- passed away); grandfather Buck Mumau (US Navy-WWII-passed away); brother David Skaggs (retired 22yrs Air Force); sister-n-law Sandra Sterling (retired Army); Brother-n-law Carwin Sterling (retired Army); Michael Matthews FBI- (911- plus so many other operations) + all my friends we are still in touch with now from over the years of being out- God bless you- we love you!!

(please forgive me if I have left anyone out- Brain fog due to Fibro- it is a real thing)

Remember our freedom does not come free- there is always a price to pay- if not from you or your family, then form whom?


ProCraftiNitaSUe 🥰

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