Eventful Craft Event

Hello stampers-----> I wanted to share my results of my past event with you all with some pics. Plus I have a couple of other vendors that I met that were there to share their love of crafting and what some of their proceeds went to.

I did this event for two reasons:

  1. to get my name out there of course silly

  2. to help an organization that sends gifts, boxes of goodies/supplies, cards to men & women in uniform (especially those overseas)

Yellow Ribbon Girls is looking for donations and volunteers to assist with card making, boxing, etc. ➡Click on yellow ribbon icon to learn more and see if you can be of assistance!

this event did not give me the results that I was hoping for; however, I did receive two new customers and possibly a 4H club to work with here in the new year!! I guess now that I have typed it in black/white words... the event was not so bad after all... plus the cards were a success and the 30 pre-take kits that I made, everyone loved. I also handed out flyers, samples, and a free PP acrylic block in a nice handy dandy craft bag! See pics below ⬇

(these are available to my new team members to hold their goodies!- plus more to be added 😍 )

Check out these other great local vendors/business' and see if you can shop locally instead of afar!?

Here is a vendor that helps women in poverty from around the world

{Trades of Hope by Kaitlyn Hare}

click on pic to go to her site and see her handmade crafts