Apologies Crafters!

Hello and Good day ProCrafti Stampers!

My apologies for not posting sooner-- In my "about" page I mentioned I have some health issues and well..... this past week they have been kicking my butt!! Yea I said butt!! (lol)

I am getting ready to share the new 'clearance' list/tab with yinz..so..be prepared. Stuff is going fast and they are limited so if there is stuff you still want, get 'em while ya can♡

I do appreciate the support. I will have my SU calendar 📅 updated as well here shortly.

So many new things heading our way between July and Aug, it will be a "knock-out " so again..brace yourselves.. if you are like me..I have to have it all at once!¡

I will be posting pics of my shipments as they come in..

I will be revealing new Annual Catalog and the goodies...just mind blowing 🤯

Wanted to say thanks again for stampin by my blog and for being patient with me..and just a note 'be on the lookout for more tutz(tutorials)'🥰

Many thanks & blessings

ProCraftiNita SUe


Spreadsheet in excel of all clearance--


*Make sure you see my name and face if you selected me as your demonstrator*

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